5.09.2013 opened a unique laboratory of neurobiology at the University of Kazan (read more)

International Associated Laboratory “Developmental Neurobiology” is a collaborative research project between Institut de neurobiologie de la méditerranée (Inmed/Inserm U901, Marseille, France) and Laboratory of Neurobiology (Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia) on the neurophysiology of the developing brain.

Main goal of the project is to determine the principles of the brain functions and development, and pathophysiological mechanisms underlying principal diseases of the central nervous system (epilepsy, brain ischemia, trauma, pain) to ameliorate diagnostics and to find cure against these diseases.


Expected Results
  • Neuronal network mechanisms underlying generation of the early patterns of electrical activity in the developing brain and their role in the formation of  synaptic circuits
  • Pathophysiology of epilepsy, brain ischemia, trauma, pain 


  • Electrophysiology rigs for the explorations of neuronal networks in brain slices in vitro and in the intact animals in vivo
  • Computing facilities for the data processing and analysis
  • Behavioral testing in mice
  • Histological unit
  • Animal house


Current research topics
  •  early rhythms of electrical activity in the developing brain
  •  thalamocortical circuitry wiring
  •  development of GABAergic signaling
  •  plasticity in thalamocortical system
  •  neuronal connectivity in rodent barrel cortex
  •  pathophysiological mechanisms (trauma, epilepsy, adverse effects of anesthetics and other drugs)


Master & PhD programs

are available for students with a background on neurophysiology.


Laboratory of Neurobilogy, KFU
420008, Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University,
room 024B, Kremlyovskaya St., 18, Kazan, Russia
Phone: +7 (843) 233-78-24
Fax: +7 (843) 233-78-14


Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée INMED
INMED UMR901 Parc scientifique de Luminy 163 avenue de Luminy BP13
13273 Marseille cedex 09 - France
Phone: +33 (4) 91 82 81 00

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